Design That Matters: Healthy Essential Bathrooms

Bathrooms are not the main attraction of a home however; very often this room is the first stop for visitors and residents. Designing a healthy bathroom is as important as the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen. In many instances this space is an environment prone to unhealthy bacteria and harmful habits. Promoting wellness through energy and water efficient products in a bathroom immersed in materials and fixtures easy and healthy to maintain, results in lowering your economic footprint. Having the peace of mind knowing your functional beautiful bathroom is both good for your health and for the environment, will be doubly pleasing.  

Although the time spent in your bathroom is limited, compared to other rooms in your home, the importance of this room should remain a priority. Bathrooms pose health risks when not properly ventilated and hold moisture causing potential mildew and fungus resulting in disease and germs. A functional space whether simplistic or antiquity is important however, healthy choices, overall purpose, and convenience are equally valuable.  When beginning this transformation, create a functional bathroom mimicking your design style through the use of recycled materials, redesigned wood and antique furniture, stainless steel, and greenery. Current design trends combine natural materials, energy and water efficiency, organic items, and colorful selections to create style and function through eco-friendly, healthy selections.

Design By Functional Conceptz for Interiors in The Colony, Texas

Design By Functional Conceptz for Interiors in The Colony, Texas

The use of materials and color palettes that stimulate you, create productivity, and a sense of calm, are essential in your bathroom environment. All bathrooms, big or small, should contain a mirror scaled to fit the space allowing light to bounce around the room, which creates the illusion of more space. Choosing optimal lighting coupled with the mirror will assist in achieving the best possible light flowing throughout your space. If the bathroom currently does not have a window, you should seriously consider options allowing natural light to illuminate the space, whether a sky light or clerestory windows, both will allow you to maintain privacy and simultaneously let the natural light flow. The reduction of electricity usage will be a painless compromise resulting in lasting benefits.

 Picturing Art by Donna Dunlap Photography

In today’s market,

bathrooms are a selling point for homes and the added value of creating an eco-friendly healthy environment can only heighten the profit. Creating an exceptional atmosphere for your bathroom is an art rather than a science when done with purpose. Combining individuality with your design style will result in a relaxed atmosphere creating a feeling of luxury fitting for you. Through the use of sustainable healthy products, energy and water efficient fixtures, re purposed materials, vanities manufactured from almost any furniture piece, to the types of hand towels, storage solutions, and bathroom accessories, the bathroom of your dreams is definitely attainable


 Picturing Art by Donna Dunlap Photography

Tip of the Month

Quick changes to turn your bathroom into an inviting retreat do not have to be costly. Changes can be made by changing the wall color, adding eco-friendly options including certified organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. Textured changes can be inviting and add a splash of luxury, while the unwelcomed use of bleached or chemically dyed products are no longer acceptable in this space. Use recycled paper towels or hemp terry cloths for hand drying to reduce the amount of bacteria crawling all over your bathroom. Anything from shower curtains to bath mats and shower curtains can be purchased made of hemp. Hemp is naturally an anti-bacterial, durable, and anti-fungal material. Keep it safe, aesthetically pleasing, and healthy!

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