Design That Matters: Colorful Properties




With the Holiday Season here, many shared positive memories will be created. This is the time for gift giving, family gatherings, and the décor needed to set the mood. The holiday season can ultimately transform and enrich the inner soul. You may ask yourself, “What holiday colors are widely used?,” most would say green, red, silver, gold, brown and white, depicted throughout Pine trees, the essence of candles, wreaths, ornaments and table settings.

Colors have long held deep meaning and have given significance to many historical events. Scientifically proven, rich vibrant colors have deep internal meanings. These very meanings are important in design and how individuals manifest themselves within their homes. While color can depict status and social class, it can also be associated with a religious reference, giving it a symbolic meaning. People from various walks of life value the meaning of color and continually maintain a serene environment through meditation and using color accordingly.

Toni Cuenca

Toni Cuenca

Red is a vibrant color used to induce strength, passion, love and will power.  Silver exudes victory, intuition, right brain activity, and neutrality. While green is associated with wealth, success, physical growth, and certainly reflects a plentiful harvest.  The color white is the most important color because it represents purity and cleansing properties.  Additionally, white promotes spiritual strength, protection, truth, and repels negativity. White is the balance of all colors and should be used frequently in your environment to create clean, elegant, dramatic statements.

During the holidays I encourage you begin to experience the powerful properties of the color white through the use of candles, linens, dishes and lighting.  This color will increase peace throughout your home and definitely create a new balance of serenity. White comes in various shades and not all are stark white. Take your time and choose the shade complimentary to your décor, whether antique white, ivory, cream or whites tinted with beige or yellow. White promotes spiritual and mental cleansing, while healing emotional chaos.

Holidays are an excellent time to experiment with candles, colors, and positive environmental enhancements. I entice you to perform your own experiments this season to see what type of moods you can create. First decide on what mood you are after and pick your candles and décor colors accordingly. Invite some friends and/or family over and become an unobtrusive observer in your own experiment. Color matters!


Holiday Tip

Recycling should not just be a thought regarding plastic, glass and saving on electricity. Any way possible to reduce your environmental footprint is ideal. This season when you pull out your decorations use the old ornaments and garland to create your own wreath. A prepared circular structure can be purchased at many craft stores and the cost is minimal. Wrap your garland around it to create a foundation, and then attach the old ornaments to create your wreath. This is a practical craft project for the entire family all year round and also can be used for gift giving.