Design That Matters: Your Design Style

Interior Design encompasses more than just choosing furnishings, colors, accessories, and lighting. This profession seeks to understand both the physiological and psychological effects of specific design elements relating to the client and his/her environment. Finding and choosing your specific design style is a process and should involve a professional.

Various styles have evolved in this profession and unfortunately people often feel they have the inside scoop through various television shows to understand completely interior design. This is definitely not the case however, going through the design process and assessments to realize your true design style can be adventurous and enlightening.

Design By Functional Conceptz for Interiors

Design By Functional Conceptz for Interiors

Design styles have developed over time and are a direct result of a melting pot of cultures, ethnicity’s, and environmental changes. Depending upon your worldly location depicts the benefits found within certain design styles. IKEA is an excellent depiction of achieving comfort, while living in extremely small living spaces. These small living spaces are found in various European and Asian countries and are not necessarily and “American” design issue. However, through the integration of design styles and collaborating cultures, we find everyone can benefit from an otherwise not ideal living space.

Titles of various types of design styles come from countries, cultures, nationalities, and geographic locations. As a designer I want to create “your design style” fitting for your needs and comfort. You may think your style is traditional, contemporary, rustic, or boho chic however, you may be none of those. The uniqueness of “you” must be infused with various design styles to create a personal style that makes a standalone statement.

Specific rules are non-existent to finding your design style however; you must always do what is best for you. Mixing and matching known styles or creating new ones proves invigorating only when they match your environmental needs and personal style. This will make the choices in furnishings, colors, and accessories easy to love long-term. Your home is your outward expression of your passion in life and who you are – always take pleasure in it!

Design By Functional Conceptz for Interiors


Tip of the Month

Various quizzes exist on the internet allowing you to pin point your current design style according to the industry.

Try which offers a unique approach to finding your design style or the design style quiz on

Although these quizzes are exciting, I highly recommend you hire a professionally trained designer to blend your personality and style into a flawless home environment just for you!

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