Design That Matters: Bedroom Sanctuaries

Schedules are ever-changing, deadlines are looming, and careers of many tamper with the use of romantic environments we create. However, as the seasons and holidays change, we seem to increase how or why to create “for the moment” environments. February is a month of dreams, love, and romantic gestures offering certain euphoria when environmental enhancements are created to promote romantic and sensual feelings. Euphoria can be created permanently with interior design practices usable throughout the year to promote wellness, rest, romantic moods and sweet dreams, especially in the bedroom.

Design By: Functional Conceptz for Interiors

Design By: Functional Conceptz for Interiors

The bedroom should be your sanctuary where you rest, relax, and contemplate the day. This is the room you see last and the first thing you see when you awake. A romantic bedroom getaway should illuminate positivity by exuberating feelings to please all senses while enhancing intimacy. You should never wait for a special occasion to create ambience within your soul. Follow your senses to begin a long-term transformation beneficial to your future. The five senses, touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste, used correctly to transform a space will ensure the design process is covered thoroughly  to unveil a romantic and comforting sanctuary.

Spa and wellness setting with candles

The sense of touch

should be realized within the bedroom beginning with the bed, which is most often the focal point. Choosing luxurious fabrics, plush pillows, and a comfortable mattress is ideal. Incorporating an oversized headboard with a luxurious look and feel is exciting and can promote heavenly feelings. The ability to feel caressed by your environment will leave you feeling cozy, warm, and blissful. You must always consider the senses and do your best to please them. Design should always be appealing to your eyes to create an interchangeable atmosphere. The use of mood lighting, soft, filtered, low wattage bulbs in various hues can produce a genuine romantic feel. Candles are ideally suited for creating a sensual sexy mood, and can be tailored to fit your lighting needs.

Your senses are beginning to explode as you dive further into creating an atmosphere based on sensible pleasures. Creating bedroom romance through the sense of smell will make you come alive. Scented candles add ambience, and the use of scented oils, linen sprays, and sachets add to the air of romance. Stay away from harsh musk smells; instead try lavender, rose, and vanilla aromas. While indulging in the soft feel of your linens and breathing in sensual aromas in an aesthetically pleasing environment, continue to alter the mood through music, trickling water fountains, and crackling sounds of a fireplace.

The bedroom should be your showplace so get creative with furniture, remove clutter, explore new lighting, add layers of color, and accessorize seamlessly by using plenty of pillows, wall art, floor coverings and intimate photos to create your bedroom sanctuary year round. Experimentation is the key and the result should be an environment you take pleasure in….in more ways than one! 

Tip of the Month

Intimate photos can provide an excellent way to personalize your bedroom. Get creative with unique frames and different styles and perspectives. This task can be invigorating and allow you to communicate feelings through printed presentations. Another enjoyable task is to create a pillow paradise with a combination of pillow sizes, shapes, and textures. This will add additional personalization and promote quality time. Whatever the task, enjoy it and remember it by creating these lasting keepsakes.